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Looking for information on mormyrid fishes? You're in the right place. Here you'll (eventually) find: a classification reflecting the most recent published changes to mormyrid taxonomy, a descriptive taxon page for each mormyrid genus and species that will include a photograph of the type specimen, information on the electric organ discharge waveform (EOD) if known, and a bibliography including all original species descriptions and many other important works on mormyrids. Our goal is to make this site the go-to online portal for research on mormryrids and their taxonomy, useful to the specialist and informative for the general public. Have something to contribute? Say hello and request an account at the login link (upper right). This is an ongoing labor of love. Check back often to keep track of what's been added below.

How to use this site: Use the search box (upper right corner of this window) if you know the name of the taxon or author you're looking for. Alternatively, click on the "Mormyridae" tab (upper left) where you can start with an introduction to these fishes, a key to genera, and a clickable classification. 

single electric organ discharge (EOD) of Brevimyrus niger JPF-08-1107, 1ms...

Creator: Sullivan, John P. Creative Commons Licence

Mormyrus psittacus Boulenger (= Cyphomyrus psittacus) holotype BMNH 1897.9...

Creator: ETI BioInformatics / Wilhelm Harder Creative Commons Licence

Stomatorhinus ivindoensis live paratype specimen no.1004, CU 75437, 40.8...

Creator: Hopkins, Carl D. Creative Commons Licence

Gnathonemus elephas Boulenger (= Campylomormyrus elephas) syntype MRAC 128

Creator: ETI BioInformatics / Wilhelm Harder Creative Commons Licence
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