Introducing Mormyroscope EOD recording software

Mormyoscope is the first publicly available software application specifically designed for making digital recordings of electric fishes.

Mormyroscope is a customized version of Soundcard Scope software written and published by Christian Zeitnitz. It is free for non-commercial educational and scientific use. This program will run on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit) computers and tablets. It will not install on older versions of Windows.

Here's the download link:  LINK

Mormyroscope offers all the features of Soundcard Scope while adding specimen-specific file names and associated metadata to the output files. It has an interface in both English and French and a cool logo by JaeDesign.

Mormyroscope is intended to be used with an external USB audio interface (="sound card") using an electrode plugged into the mic input.

Waveforms are visualized in an oscilloscope window that offers all the controls of a standard oscilloscope. Waveform snapshots (one millisecond to several milliseconds in duration) are saved simultaneously as jpeg image files and .csv data files from which data can be plotted and superimposed in a spreadsheet or graphing application. Before saving files, the user is prompted to enter metadata associated with the specimen, the recording, the project name & the recordist. These data are written to a header in the .csv file and also written to a separate .txt file. Recordings of long trains of EOD pulses of several seconds to several minutes can be saved as .wav files in the Recorder window of Mormyroscope. Metadata are also embedded in the header of the wav file.

A poster presented at the 2018 PAFFA conference in Malawi in which we describe this setup is available here. Also see How to record EODs and other related articles here on this blog.

The English language manual for the regular version of Soundcard Scope is available here.

An updated version with a couple of minor bug fixes was uploaded on Oct 22 2018.

Please let us know if you find Mormyroscope useful and if you have suggestions to improve it!

- Team Mintotom

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