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Blog entryRediscovering a species of weakly electric fish described in 1879 allows a new species to be described from Gabon John P. Sullivan01 week 1 day ago
Taxon DescriptionParamormyrops sphekodes John P. Sullivan01 week 3 days ago
BiblioRediscovery and description of Paramormyrops sphekodes (Sauvage, 1879) and a new cryptic Paramormyrops (Mormyridae: Osteoglossiformes) from the Ogooué River of Gabon using morphometrics, DNA sequencing and electrophysiology John P. Sullivan01 week 4 days ago
BiblioIntragenus (Campylomormyrus) and intergenus hybrids in mormyrid fish: physiological and histological investigations of the electric organ ontogeny John P. Sullivan04 months 3 days ago
BiblioObject discrimination through active electrolocation: Shape recognition and the influence of electrical noise John P. Sullivan05 months 1 week ago
BiblioElectric organ discharges of South African Marcusenius species (Teleostei: Mormyridae) and their effectiveness as indicators of local species diversity John P. Sullivan05 months 1 week ago
Blog entryHow to record EODs John P. Sullivan05 months 4 weeks ago
BiblioSensory flow as a basis for a novel distance cue in freely behaving electric fish John P. Sullivan05 months 4 weeks ago
BiblioElectric Fish Genomics: Progress, Prospects, and New Tools for Neuroethology John P. Sullivan07 months 1 week ago
BiblioAnal-fin ray morphology indicates sexual maturity in Brevimyrus niger (Teleostei, Mormyridae) John P. Sullivan07 months 1 week ago
PageDraft ICZN petition to clarify mormyrid nomenclature millerse07 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioContribution à la Faune Ichthyologique de l’Angola millerse08 months 1 day ago
BiblioÉtude sur la faune ichthyologique de l’Ogôoué millerse08 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioDie Fische Liberia’s. millerse08 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioBehavioral and Single-Neuron Sensitivity to Millisecond Variations in Temporally Patterned Communication Signals John P. Sullivan09 months 9 hours ago
BiblioEvidence for Non-neutral Evolution in a Sodium Channel Gene in African Weakly Electric Fish (Campylomormyrus, Mormyridae) John P. Sullivan09 months 3 weeks ago
Taxon DescriptionMormyridae John P. Sullivan010 months 1 week ago
BiblioPoissons de forêt des environs de Yangambi (Stanleyville) recueillis par A. Hulot. millerse010 months 3 weeks ago
Forum topicSchooling behavior Moontanman110 months 3 weeks ago
Taxon DescriptionBrienomyrus longianalis John P. Sullivan011 months 2 days ago
Taxon DescriptionBrienomyrus brachyistius John P. Sullivan011 months 2 days ago
BiblioContribution a l’étude de la faune ichthyologique du bassin du fleuve Sénégal. III. Mormyridae John P. Sullivan011 months 2 days ago
BiblioDetection of transient synchrony across oscillating receptors by the central electrosensory system of mormyrid fish John P. Sullivan011 months 5 days ago
BiblioA portable bio-amplifier for electric fish research: design and construction millerse011 months 1 week ago
Taxon DescriptionPetrocephalus congicus Sébastien Lavoué011 months 1 week ago


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