Campylomormyrus elephas

General description: 

From Boulenger 1909, p.120.

Depth of body 3 to 4 times in total length, length of head 4 to 5 times. Upper profile of head descending in a very strong curve; snout much prolonged, tubiform, strongly compressed, directed downwards, its length exceeding postocular part of head, 3 to 4 times its least depth, which is 1½ diameter of eye; lower jaw with a short, wart-like, cylindrical dermal appendage as long as or a little shorter than diameter of eye; teeth conical, 3 in upper jaw, 4 in lower. Dorsal 31-35, originating above 5th ray of anal, its length 1 1/3 to 1 2/5 times its distance from head. Anal 33-37, equally distant from base of ventral and from base of caudal. Pectoral pointed, little shorter than head, extending to middle or second third of ventral, and twice as long as latter. Caudal scaled, with pointed lobes. Caudal peduncle 3 times as long as deep, as long as head or a little shorter. 70-80 scales in lateral line, 14-15 / 18-22 in transverse series on body, 13-18 / 10-16 in transverse series between dorsal and anal, 12 round caudal peduncle. Brownish above; young with a black lateral band edged with yellowish, expanding into a rhomboidal marking between dorsal and anal.

Total length 400 millim.

Look alikes: 

Difficult to distinguish from C. alces. From key published in Poll, Gosse, & Orts, 1982:

-C. elephas: SL 5.8-7.3x in snout length. Chin barbel not tapered, obtuse, equal of longer than eye (0.9-1.5x), generally inserted above the lower lip. Body depth 3.3-3.8x in postocular standard length. Snout angle 35°-61°

-C. alces:  SL is 7-8.5x in snout length. Chin barbel is tapered and pointed, shorter, equal or a little longer than eye (0.7-1.3x), not inserted above the lower lip. Body depth 2.8-3.3x in postocular standard length. Snout angle 56°-71°.

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