The anal fin complex in a weakly discharging electric fish, Gnathonemus petersii(Mormyridae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:Greisman, L., Moller P.
Journal:Journal of Fish Biology
Pagination:266 - 275
Date Published:Jan-01-2005

An examination of the permanent bony structures of the anal fin complex in the mormyrid fish, Gnathonemus petersii, revealed two new structural sexual dimorphisms: longer proximal pterygiophores and wider anal fin rays in males than in females. Both structures are thought to facilitate the male’s courtship-associated anal fin reflex. Adult male mormyrid fishes are characterized by a dorsally directed indentation of the posterior body wall (anal fin indentation). The expression of this indentation in males, presumably driven by anal fin musculature, was correlated with the fish’s gonadal state: large indentations were associated with high gonado-somatic indices and small indentations with low indices.

Short Title:Journal of Fish Biology
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