Gnathonomus Food Preferences

Greetings. I am in the process of setting up a biotope aquarium for several specimens (5) of Gnathonomus petersi and I am interested in what types of live foods they prefer in the wild.

I know that they are very fond of common earthworms but I would like to vary their diet as much as I can. Are shrimps also taken?

Any thoughts? Thanks.


Sorry for the long delay in my reply.  Notifications of messages here don't seem to be working.

Best food for mormyrids in aquaria are frozen bloodworms.  I keep several Campylomormyrus in aquaria that have eaten nothing but frozen bloodworms for more than 5 years.  They remain very healthy.  Variety in the diet is apparently not so important in these fish.

These Campys cannot eat earthworms as their mouths are too small. Live blackworms also work well as food, although compared to bloodworms these are "dirty" and easily pollute the tank.  Chopped earthworm might work, but would be messy. My fish will not eat freeze dried tubifex.

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