Sustainable exploitation and participative conservation of Mormyridae fishes in the Malebo Pool, Congo River, Kinshasa

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2022
Authors:Métis, N. Mabedi Jea, ZebeVictorine, M., R. Johan, M., Jean-Claude M.
Date Published:Oct-05-2022
Keywords:Malebo Pool

Mormyridae fish, which make up 20 to 25% of the catches in the Malebo Pool, are subject to pressure from local fishermen. This pressure on the resource is the basis of the decrease in catches, which has an impact on the social situation of the people involved in the sector. The objective of this study is to evaluate the exploitation of Mormyridae fish in the Malebo Pool and to propose conservation measures for sustainable management. The data was collected using the survey method with the interview technique. The results obtained confirm overfishing with a decrease in catches, which has consequences on the social situation of fishermen, fishmongers, processors and consumers. Thus, in order to reduce overfishing to a sustainable exploitation, co-management between the manager and the stakeholders, compliance with regulations, awareness raising and training in conservation and sustainable exploitation based on a series of biological and socioeconomic indicators accepted by all stakeholders are necessary.

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