Impact of environmental features on the distribution of Marcusenius species (Pisces, Mormyridae) in Malebo Pool of Kinshasa in the Congo River

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2022
Authors:Mabedi, J. Métis Ntu, Zebe, V. Mbadu, KIAMFU, V. P. W. E. M. A., PIGNEUR, L. - M., Michaux, J. R., Micha J. - C.
Date Published:May-31-2022

The current anarchic exploitation of Marcusenius fish in the Malebo Pool located in the Congo River stands as a threat of extinction to certain species, while the ecology of most of them are hardly known. This study aims at evaluating the impact of environmental factors on the distribution of Marcusenius fish caught in six fishing stations in the Malebo Pool. Canonical correspondence analysis of environmental factors classified the stations into two groups, which differ in vegetation formation, bottom substrates, water current velocity, pH, suspended particles and in dissolved oxygen. Thus, the five stations located upstream and in the middle of the pool are characterized by low water current velocity, slightly acidic pH, bottom substrates composed of silt, plant debris, clay, silt and sand. The predominant Echinocloa and Eichhornia plant formations found in these sites provide shelter, food sources and impact on the distribution and abundance of seven Marcusenius species in Malebo pool. The rocky substrate of Kinsuka station associated with the plant formation dominated by Ledermanniella and Pennisetum, and a high-water current constitute a habitat that is not favourable for Marcusenius species.

Taxonomic name: 
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