Mormyrid EOD Data Archive

Here you will find digital recordings of mormyrid Electric Organ Discharges (EODs) and data on the specimens from which they were recorded. This section is under construction and being used for testing purposes.

Short recordings of EODs are archived as text files (*.txt) of time and voltage data. Each of these is accompanied by an image file (*.png). Longer recordings are stored as audio files (*.wav). Each recording is linked to voucher specimen information.

Search the archive by taxonomy, collection date, collector, or location. Data files appear in the "Media" column under the "Miscellaneous" tab. These files are also available by clicking on the individual specimen records. Clicking on the *.txt and *.png file names will display them in your web browser. To save them to your computer, right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac).

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