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Taxon DescriptionMarcusenius dundoensis John P. Sullivan01 week 33 min ago
BiblioLes poissons du bassin du Tchad et du bassin adjacent du Mayo Kebbi étude systématique et biologique millerse01 week 4 days ago
BiblioDerived karyotypes in two elephantfish genera (Hyperopisus and Pollimyrus): lowest chromosome number in the family Mormyridae (Osteoglossiformes) John P. Sullivan01 week 5 days ago
BiblioFirst cytogenetic information for five Nilotic elephantfishes and a problem of ancestral karyotype of the family Mormyridae (Osteoglossiformes) John P. Sullivan01 week 5 days ago
PageDraft ICZN petition to clarify mormyrid nomenclature millerse01 month 1 day ago
BiblioPoissons du Gribingui recueillis par M. Baudon. Description d’un Mormyridé et d’un Characinidé nouveaux millerse01 month 6 days ago
BiblioRevision systematique et raciation des Morymyrus de L’Afrique Centrale millerse01 month 6 days ago
BiblioPoissons du bassin de l’Ivindo IV. Note sur la nomenclature des Mormyridae millerse01 month 1 week ago
BiblioConvergence is Only Skin Deep: Craniofacial Evolution in Electric Fishes from South America and Africa (Apteronotidae and Mormyridae) John P. Sullivan01 month 2 weeks ago
BiblioOstéologie des Genres Marcusenius Gill, Hippopotamyrus Pappenheim, Cyphomyrus Myers, Pollimyrus Taverne et Brienomyrus Taverne (Pisces Mormyriformes) John P. Sullivan02 months 1 week ago
BiblioIs the medium the message? Functional diversity across abiotic gradients in freshwater electric fishes John P. Sullivan04 months 2 weeks ago
Taxon DescriptionHippopotamyrus pictus John P. Sullivan04 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioA critical revision of the churchill snoutfish, genus Petrocephalus Marcusen, 1854 (Actinopterygii: Teleostei: Mormyridae), from southern and eastern Africa, with the recognition of Petrocephalus tanensis, and the description of five new species millerse04 months 3 weeks ago
Blog entryIntroducing Mormyroscope EOD recording software John P. Sullivan35 months 2 days ago
BiblioIntergenus F1-hybrids of African weakly electric fish (Mormyridae: Gnathonemus petersii ♂ × Campylomormyrus compressirostris ♀) are fertile. John P. Sullivan06 months 1 week ago
BiblioPhylogenomics of bonytongue fishes (Osteoglossomorpha) shed light on the craniofacial evolution and biogeography of the weakly electric clade Mormyridae John P. Sullivan06 months 4 weeks ago
PageNotes on our classification & how to cite John P. Sullivan07 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioIntragenus F1-hybrids of African weakly electric fish (Mormyridae: Campylomormyrus tamandua ♂ × C. compressirostris ♀) are fertile John P. Sullivan09 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioFrom fin rays to DNA: supplementary morphological and molecular data to identify Mormyrus subundulatus Roberts, 1989 (Pisces: Mormyridae) from the Bandama River in Côte d’Ivoire John P. Sullivan09 months 3 weeks ago
Taxon DescriptionMarcusenius mento John P. Sullivan011 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioCommunication and Waveform Analysis in Weakly Electric Fishes With Special Emphasis on Mormyrids John P. Sullivan01 year 1 month ago
BiblioThe Cyphomyrus Myers 1960 (Osteoglossiformes: Mormyridae) of the Lufira Basin (Upper Lualaba: DR Congo): a generic reassignment and the description of a new species John P. Sullivan01 year 2 months ago
BiblioMorphological differentiation in African weakly electric fish (genus Campylomormyrus) relates to substrate preferences John P. Sullivan01 year 2 months ago
Taxon DescriptionCampylomormyrus alces John P. Sullivan01 year 2 months ago
BiblioPoissons nouveaux ou rares du Congo français millerse01 year 2 months ago


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