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Blog entryThis site and other Scratchpads to lose support in June 2024 John P. Sullivan01 month 4 days ago
Taxon DescriptionMarcusenius meronai John P. Sullivan01 month 5 days ago
BiblioDescriptions de Mormyridae et de Characidae nouveaux du Congo belge avec une étude du genre Stomatorhinus et des genres de Characidae nains africains millerse01 month 1 week ago
Taxon DescriptionMarcusenius ghesquierei John P. Sullivan01 month 1 week ago
Taxon DescriptionMarcusenius cyprinoides John P. Sullivan01 month 3 weeks ago
Blog entryIntroducing Mormyroscope EOD recording software John P. Sullivan31 month 4 weeks ago
Taxon DescriptionPetrocephalus similis John P. Sullivan02 months 3 days ago
Taxon DescriptionPetrocephalus similis Sébastien Lavoué02 months 3 days ago
BiblioExploration du Parc National de l'Upemba Mission G.F. De Witte, Fascicule 73 Poissons John P. Sullivan02 months 1 week ago
Taxon DescriptionMarcusenius moorii John P. Sullivan02 months 1 week ago
BiblioOntogeny reveals the origin of Gemminger bones in Mormyridae John P. Sullivan03 months 2 weeks ago
Blog entrySecond Announcement for PAFFA VII (Sept. 2023, Brazzaville, Rep. of Congo) John P. Sullivan07 months 5 days ago
BiblioA new genome assembly of an African weakly electric fish (Campylomormyrus compressirostris, Mormyridae) indicates rapid gene family evolution in Osteoglossomorpha John P. Sullivan08 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioHistology of Convergent Probing Appendages in Mormyridae John P. Sullivan08 months 3 weeks ago
BiblioA critical revision of the churchill snoutfish, genus Petrocephalus Marcusen, 1854 (Actinopterygii: Teleostei: Mormyridae), from southern and eastern Africa, with the recognition of Petrocephalus tanensis, and the description of five new species millerse08 months 3 weeks ago
Blog entryGoodbye "Hippopotamyrus ansorgii species complex," hello Heteromormyrus John P. Sullivan09 months 6 days ago
BiblioImpact of environmental features on the distribution of Marcusenius species (Pisces, Mormyridae) in Malebo Pool of Kinshasa in the Congo River John P. Sullivan09 months 3 weeks ago
PageNotes on our classification & how to cite John P. Sullivan010 months 1 day ago
BiblioTranscriptome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms related to electric organ discharge differentiation among African weakly electric fish species. John P. Sullivan010 months 5 days ago
BiblioGenome and karyotype evolution underlying speciation and diversification of electric organ discharges in African weakly electric fish (Campylomormyrus, Mormyridae, Teleostei) John P. Sullivan010 months 5 days ago
BiblioThe electric organ of a mormyrid as a current and voltage source John P. Sullivan011 months 2 weeks ago
BiblioThe Complete Genome Sequences of 38 Species of Elephantfishes (Mormyridae, Osteoglossiformes) John P. Sullivan011 months 3 weeks ago
Taxon DescriptionPollimyrus macroterops John P. Sullivan012 months 2 days ago
BiblioPhylogenomics of bonytongue fishes (Osteoglossomorpha) shed light on the craniofacial evolution and biogeography of the weakly electric clade Mormyridae John P. Sullivan01 year 1 week ago
Taxon DescriptionPetrocephalus binotatus Sébastien Lavoué01 year 1 week ago


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