Zoological results of the George Vanderbilt African Expedition of 1934. Part III,–The fresh water fishes

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1936
Auteurs:Fowler, H. W.
Journal:Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Date Published:07/1936

The Academy is fortunate in securing the very interesting collection obtained by this expedition. Considering the wide range of localities or stations across transcontinental Africa, of which 39 are listed in part 1 of the present series of papers,’ only 7 yielded fishes. These are: (13) Athi River Crossing, (17) Kitala, (23) Saidi’s Village, (24) Vube, (26) Eki- bondo’s Village, (27) Fort Sibut and (33) Nola. Other smaller lots of materials were later received from 30 kilometers east of Kribi, Cameroons, and Batangafo, Chad Basin. The specimens number nearly 3000, representing 115 species, of which 10 are described as new genera or subgenera and 36 as new species or sub- species. This is surely a remarkable showing, especially in view of the comparatively short amount of time available and the mobility of the expedition. To Mr. George Vanderbilt is due special acknowledgment for his per- sonal interest in the collecting of the specimens, and amassing comprehen- sive series for the museum of the Academy.

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