Marcusenius meronai

General description: 

From Bigorne & Paugy 1990

Snout relatively elongate, curved and prominent. Head with a rather distinct central depression. Body moderately elongate (ratio standard length/body depth 3.7–3.8). Dorsal fin beginning at the same level as anal fin or slightly behind, and comprising 21–23 rays; anal fin with 25-–29 rays; pectoral fins shorter than head, their tips extending backwards to the pelvic-fin insertions. Caudal peduncle thick. Number of scales: 50–54 scales in a longitudinal series and 12 around caudal peduncle. Teeth bicuspid, numbering 5 on the maxilla and 5 or 6 on the mandible. Eye small (as compared to the long snout), its diameter comprised from 6.0 to 6.8 times in head length.

Color: ground color very dark. Back and head black, sides and belly slightly lighter (after preservation in alcohol, the color tends to fade and some specimens show a black cross-bar on sides connecting the dorsal- and anal-fin bases). Fins dark, the first dorsal rays marked with black.


EOD is unknown.

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