Mormyrops furcidens

General description: 

From Boulenger 1909, p. 46

Depth of body 7 ½ times in total length, length of head 5 times. Head nearly twice as long as deep, with straight declivous profile; snout rounded, projecting a little beyond the mouth, the width of which equals 2/3 length of snout; teeth bicuspid, forked, 14 in each jaw; eye small, in anterior third of head, its diameter 2 ½ times in length of snout, twice in interocular width. Dorsal 33-35, 2/3 to 3/4 length of anal, its origin nearer root of caudal than head. Anal 55-61 originating considerably in advance of dorsal (15th ray corresponding to first dorsal) and at nearly equal distance from head and from root of caudal. Pectoral rounded, ½ length of head. Caudal very small, scaled at the base, lobes short and rounded. Caudal peduncle a little longer than deep, its length 4 1/2 to 5 times in length of head. 90-95 scales in lateral line, 13/18-19 in transverse series on body, 20 in transverse series between dorsal and anal, 14 round caudal peduncle. Brown, minutely dotted and indistinctly marbled with blackish.

Total length 300 mm.


EOD is a simple biphasic pulse with no P0, approx. 0.9 ms in total duration. P1 begins with a slow rise in amplitude, followed by an abrupt rise, with a small inflection point near the apex.


300 mm TL.


Congo basin. Type locality is Alima River, Rep. of Congo. Also recorded in Odzala National Park, Republic of Congo and the Lubilu River near Yangambi, Orientale, D.R. Congo. See Fishbase for museum holdings and localities.

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