12. Mormyridae

Publication Type:Book Chapter
Year of Publication:2007
Auteurs:Hopkins, C. D., Lavoué, S., Sullivan J. P.
Éditeur:Stiassny, M. L. J., Teugels, G. G., Hopkins C. D.
Book Title:The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa
Series Title:Collection Faune et Flore Tropicales 42
ISBN Number:978-2-7099-1621-9
Taxonomic name: 
Brevimyrus niger (Mormyridae), Stomatorhinus ivindoensis (Mormyridae), Stomatorhinus walkeri (Mormyridae), Petrocephalus christyi (Mormyridae), Gnathonemus petersii (Mormyridae), Mormyrops nigricans (Mormyridae), Stomatorhinus polylepis (Mormyridae), Petrocephalus sullivani (Mormyridae), Ivindomyrus marchei (Mormyridae), Pollimyrus adspersus (Mormyridae), Petrocephalus simus (Mormyridae), Petrocephalus bovei (Mormyridae), Petrocephalus balayi (Mormyridae), Petrocephalus ansorgii (Mormyridae), Mormyrops (Oxymormyrus) zanclirostris (Mormyridae), Mormyrus tapirus (Mormyridae), Mormyrus macrocephalus (Mormyridae), Mormyrops breviceps (Mormyridae), Mormyrops anguilloides (Mormyridae), Marcusenius moorii (Mormyridae), Marcusenius mento (Mormyridae), Isichthys henryi (Mormyridae), Hippopotamyrus castor (Mormyridae), Paramormyrops batesii (Mormyridae), Paramormyrops sphekodes (Mormyridae), Brienomyrus longianalis (Mormyridae), Paramormyrops kingsleyae (Mormyridae), Brienomyrus brachyistius (Mormyridae), Petrocephalus microphthalmus (Mormyridae), Mormyrus rume (Mormyridae), Pollimyrus pedunculatus (Mormyridae), Paramormyrops gabonensis (Mormyridae), Mormyrops caballus (Mormyridae), Marcusenius sanagaensis (Mormyridae), Marcusenius ntemensis (Mormyridae), Ivindomyrus opdenboschi (Mormyridae), Campylomormyrus phantasticus (Mormyridae), Paramormyrops longicaudatus (Mormyridae), Paramormyrops hopkinsi (Mormyridae), Paramormyrops curvifrons (Mormyridae), Boulengeromyrus knoepffleri (Mormyridae)
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